Baja Love Ride


The Baja Love Ride is designed to improve the quality of life of children of Baja and to promote Baja safety and tourism.


  • Raise funds to support non-profit children’s organizations of the Baja peninsula.

  • Increase awareness and knowledge about the organizations and programs offered by the benefiting organizations;

  • Increase awareness and knowledge about Baja California among participants, their donors and the general public;

  • Increase activism and volunteerism among the participant and donor communities, inspiring them to become ambassadors of Baja children and Baja state;

  • Encourage an environment of hope and improved quality of life for the children of Baja.

  • Showcase Baja as a safe and welcoming travel and tourism destination.

  • Showcase the investment of the Mexican Government in Baja’s highway and road systems.

  • Get all communities, organizations, participants and authorities working together for a common goal.


The Baja Love Ride is a series of community bicycle rides and a longer ride connecting the community rides. The ride will begin on March 22, 2011 at the Rosarito Beach and finish 4 days later on March 25 in at the San Felipe Arches.

Three of the days will have a small community ride, called the “Good Start” ride, which is symbolic of the need for each child to have a “Good Start” on life. The “Good Start” ride is approximately 5-7 miles. There will be a “Good Start” ride in Rosarito, Ensenada and San Felipe. On completion of the “Good Start” ride, participants will be given a certificate of completion, ticket to the San Felipe Blues and Arts Fiesta.

The event is a fundraiser for the children’s organizations defined in each community. Funds will be raised by the registration fees from riders, donors, and business sponsors. There will be prizes for the riders and teams that receive the most donations, finish the fastest, etc. While the Baja Love Ride is all about the kids, we also want the ride to be a testimonial that Baja is a safe destination. The Baja Love route transverse Baja’s Mexican Federal Highways including the famous Carretera Transpeninsular Highway 1, Highway 3, and the newly completed Highway 5 to San Felipe, showcasing the immense investment the Federal and State governments have made in the Baja highway systems, and infrastructure.


Baja has had a couple of tough years. The US media and economy being a major contributor to these difficulties. Because of the economic recession and banking bailout, there has been a collective effort north of the border to keep the dollar from traveling south. The media have painted a false picture of Baja through sensationalism and even dramatizing old news with the results having a devastating effect on local Baja business and tourism.

The Baja Love Ride ride wants to do the same in reverse. We want to stop talking and start showing the world the reality of Baja. The plan is to use online media, such as and social networks, along with a collective effort by Baja friendly US media and the extensive network of Baja blogs, websites and forums to distribute daily images and videos of the ride. With everyone working together, we hope the daily images and footage will prove that Baja is a safe and welcoming destination. We want to show that the roads and highways are safe, that law enforcement, government and communities are all working together for a better Baja. A picture says a 1000 words.


The Baja Love Ride, a “ride for a cause”, is forced to change the start date and ride route. The date is being changed from February 14 to March 22. The 2011 ride will now be a 217 mile (349 km) course Rosarito Beach Hotel to the Aches of San Felipe.Riders can participate in the 217-mile ride for only $200, which includes round-trip transports, meals, and camping. The single day ride and overnight camping portion cost $45 to enter. The community “Good Start Rides” set to place in each community will cost $25 to enter.

As a bonus gift, all Baja Love Ride riders will receive a FREE ticket to the San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta on March 26th, Baja’s biggest charity music and art festival (

The Baja Love Ride hopes to draw a huge number of participants and donations. The donations will go to the local children’s orphanages and charities along the route. Organizers also hope the ride will become an annual event that paints Baja in a positive light.


Playas de Rosarito

Organization: Boys & Girls Club
The Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito Beach is a non- profit organization with its sole purpose to prevent drug addiction and juvenile delinquency. The Club’s mission is to establish training centers for children & young people at risk of street, which will function as spaces for developing positive and constructive ways of living and social interaction through human development programs and comprehensive prevention.



Organization: Open Arms Childcare Ministries

Contact: Heidi Elizarraraz

Open Arms Childcare Ministries is a non-profit charity that provides No-cost childcare to needy families. Open Arms provides assistance to families who are in desperate need of child care service. Our hope and prayer is to keep families together by providing a safe refuge during the day for working mothers. Our goal is to keep children out of orphanages and off the street.

 Valle de la Trinidad

Organization: El Oasis

Contact: Ptr. Mauro Reyes

El Oasis Orphanage is non-profit organization that care for orphanes and abandoned children from Mexico. In December 1997 we open our doors to receive 23 kids, brought to us by the Mexican Government to our custody. El Oasis is today, home for 54 kids of all ages.


San Felipe

Organization: Casa de Fe Orphanage

Contact: Bill & Carolyn Spradlin

Casa de Fé will provide a healthy, family-type environment for abandoned and orphaned children in San Felipe, Baja California. Mexican caregivers and a group of dedicated volunteers will strive daily to meet the needs of each child with loving care, schooling, and other essential services.

Baja Good Life Club


P.O. Box 9019-460

Calexico, CA 92232

US Toll Free: 1-877-LUVMEX1

San Diego, CA: 619-550-2730

San Felipe, Baja: 686-230-9933


John B. Pack

Rachel Pack

Baja Websites:


The Baja Good Life Club is a Baja Discount Travel Club for full and part-time residents and visitors of the Baja peninsula. We provide our members with many great benefits while in living or traveling Baja.

Membership to the Baja Good Life Club includes our member’s magazine “Baja California”, discounts on Mexican auto insurance.and discounts offered by our Baja Good Life Merchant Members, Baja lodging, dining and travel companies.

Casa de Fe Orphanage


P. O Box 9011 – PMB 476

Calexico, CA 92232

San Diego, CA: 619-920-2292

San Felipe, Baja: 686-577-3176


Bill Spradlin

Carol Spradlin


Casa de Fé provides a healthy, family-type environment for abandoned and orphaned children in San Felipe, Baja California.

Mexican caregivers and a group of dedicated volunteers strive daily to meet the needs of each child with loving care, schooling, and other essential services. The first of three houses has opened in late spring 2010 and will provides a place for children to come together with Christian house parents to rebuild their lives. Children will share meals, play together, go to school, do homework and learn to count on a caring, secure environment.


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